How To Throw The Perfect Sports Party

Posted by John Leeds

Be Careful Who You Invite

Those people who take it super, really, astonishingly personally when the college they dropped out of 12 years ago is down by a field goal after, like, the first two minutes? Yeah, don't invite them. Nothing kills that party spirit like those dudes who lash out at everyone around them like sullen jerks just because their fantasy RB1 fumbled. On the other hand, the guy in the cardigan who doesn't even own a TV and thinks sports are just a bunch of neanderthals carrying a ball around. Yeah, he's not fun anywhere, let alone a sports party.

How To Throw The Perfect Sports Party

Fun games happen when you have a right mix of people - casual sports fans, hardcore enthusiasts with some self-awareness, and people who don't really care about the game but won't spend three hours loudly proclaiming it -- is what will make this party fun.

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Perfect Party Setup

Layout any tables you'll need, bring along chairs and bring out the barbecue set. Cover the tables with tablecloths (choose ones that are easy to remove stains from) and tuck several garbage bags somewhere close to the table for easy access. When creating drink and food space, bear in mind where people will stand so that you won't have them blocking the TV view.

  • Different and exciting new theme parties are great, but this is a sports game, so let's keep the theme sports.
  • Decorate. Put up decorations or team names and colors. If your hometown or other favorite team is playing, go all out and decorate the front door entrance way, the mailbox, and even consider dressing up in your team colors.
  • If you're going to have guests who are rooting for different teams, establish an imaginary line (or for fun, "draw" one with masking tape) down the center of the room. Decorate each side in one team's colors.
  • If you know you're going to have non-fan guests, consider setting aside a quiet area somewhere else in the house where they can congregate and chat, rest, play party games, Wii sports or watch something they'd prefer to see. Very young children and those caring for them will find this area helpful.

Organize The Food Layout

The best advice is – don't fuss over much. This sports club is a friends and fans party, and the idea is that everyone is free to help themselves and enjoy the informality of the occasion. You don't need to choose which chips you'll open first; open everything and put some of each in large bowls, selecting the number of containers depending on how many people are coming over for the game. Place the drinks in coolers or plastic bins first, then dump ice over them. Ensure that there are places to set down the hot food when it comes out, and leave plates, cutlery, napkins, and seasoning out for everyone to help themselves.

Serve a mix of items to satisfy everyone, and go for both finger foods that are easy to pick up and eat - think sandwiches, chips and dips, wings, and pizza - and heartier fare like chili and barbecue to balance out all that beer. Make sure you have plenty of food; guests will want to replenish often during the game. It’s best to set up a buffet off to the side where people can load up on main-course items, then have several smaller tables in the TV room with snacks that people can have a bite during the game.

  • The more food that can be cooked in advance, the better, so that everyone is freed up from too much kitchen time.
  • Perfect Your Punch - No not your left hook or uppercut but your jungle juice, whatever you want to call it here is the perfect recipe. Fill a punch bowl with a jug of inexpensive red wine, toss in a small jar of maraschino cherries including the juice, and add a half dozen each of lime, lemon, and orange wedges. Steep the mixture in the fridge for eight hours for a smooth, festive punch to serve.

Game Time

After food and beer, this is an essential element of your party. Make sure you have enough seats in front of the TV for everyone who’s attending. Ask friends to bring over folding chairs if you don’t have enough, and don’t forget to dig up those lawn and camping chairs you’ve stored for the winter. Put out throw rugs or blankets and scatter some large pillows so that even those seated on the floor can get comfortable.

Make your guests feel at home when they arrive. Talk about the game while the pre-show is going on. Make bets to see who thinks which team is going to win. Add side bets, for example, point spreads, and the number of yards the MVP (most valuable player) ran. Talk about how you think the whole season went generally.

  • Pour drinks at the beginning if wished but be sure to let guests know where the drinks are and that they're welcome to keep helping themselves at any time throughout the party. A good host will also keep checking the supply level of the drinks and restocking as needed.
  • Have everyone write down who they think will win and what the final score will be before the game starts. Award a silly prize, like a big football pinata, to the person who comes the closest.
  • If you want a drinking game, work out the triggers in advance with everyone presents, such as specific phrases or plays made.

How To Please Your Social Media Friends

Create a Party Hashtag.

The best party about a party - except for being there, duh - is reliving the fun the next day. Make it easy for your guests by providing a hashtag for them to use when they post photos. Everyone there (and those who missed out) can scroll through the next day to see what they missed. #MajorLeaguePetsParty is a good one to try out. Make sure to provide your multi-purpose WiFi information.

Serve Your Drinks *IN* Fruit.

What's more Instagrammable than turning tropical fruits into cocktail glasses? Whether it's pineapple skin or a watermelon rind, no one will be able to resist snapping a few shots.

The Party Is Never Over

Give your guests something to remember your awesome party, a small trinket to continue with the sports theme like a ticket stub with your party information on it and contact details.  As always if you have ideas or something to add, please feel free to share and comment using the links provided below.

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