Take Me Out To The Ballgame, Major League Pet-Friendly Events

Posted by John Leeds

Dog lovers and baseball fans rejoice - the ballpark and the dog park have finally joined forces! Several major league ballparks are offering pup-friendly events for the baseball seasons.

Major League Pets - Major League Baseball Pet Friendly Games

It's exciting to see more "Bark in the Park" and "Dog Days", being added in major and minor league ballparks across the country. For these events, a special section of the stands is usually reserved for people attending their pups. Not only is it a unique opportunity to make a #MajorLeaguePet out of your pup, but a portion of the dog friendly ticket proceeds generally goes to benefit local shelters and rescues.

  • Seattle Mariners – Thursday, July 5th vs. the Angels
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, July 10th vs. the Nationals
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, July 31st vs. the Cubs
  • Kansas City Royals – Wednesday, August 15th vs. the Blue Jays
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, August 21st vs. the Braves
  • Colorado Rockies – Wednesday, August 22nd vs. the Padres
  • San Francisco Giants – Sunday, August 26th vs. the Rangers
  • Cincinnati Reds – Wednesday, August 29th vs. the Brewers
  • Huston Astros – Sunday, Sept 2nd vs. the Angels
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, Sept 4th vs. the Reds
  • Seattle Mariners – Wednesday, Sept 5th vs. the Orioles
  • Washington Nationals – Friday, Sept 7th vs. the Cubs
  • New York Mets – Monday, Sept 10th vs. the Marlins
  • Kansas City Royals – Wednesday, Sept 12th vs. the White Sox
  • Detroit Tigers – Monday, Sept 17th vs. the Twins
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, Sept 18th vs. the Royals
  • Cincinnati Reds – Tuesday, Sept 25th vs. the Royals
  • Washington Nationals – Tuesday, Sept 25th vs. the Marlins

7 Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Tailgate

  1. Make sure the venue is pet-friendly
  2. Don’t leave dogs outside or locked inside vehicles
  3. Keep human food and alcohol away from dogs
  4. Bring along pet supplies, including food and water
  5. Dress your dog in your favorite team's sportswear
  6. Clean up after your pet
  7. Supervise your dog at all times

When tailgating, the last thing you want to do is to chase after your dog in a huge, noisy crowd. Tailgating often takes place in parking lots and can be a hazardous environment for pets. To keep your dog safe, keep him on a sturdy leash and supervise him at all times, especially around hot, BBQ grills and human food and alcohol.

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