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A Dog Bed That’s Best for Your Pet

Gone are the days when you send your pup to the dog house. Instead, our furry babies are with us every step of the way! That makes it all the more essential to create a cozy spot for them to lie their heads. By watching your dog count sheep, you can figure out how they like to snooze.

From rectangle to an oval, firm to plush, and small to extra-large, we have a wide assortment to best suit your furry pal’s needs. Keep reading to learn what you should consider when choosing your canine’s bed!

Bed Size

For size, you want a bed that supports your pet when they’re fully stretched out. If you’re shopping for a puppy, you have two options - buy a small dog bed for their current size or invest in a large dog bed so they can grow. The latter option is the right choice if you don’t want to buy a replacement early on.

To make a more massive sized bed inviting, fill extra space with cozy blankets, so your pup feels right at home. You can figure out which size bed is best for your four-legged pal by measuring from tail to nose while they’re sleeping and adding a few inches.

Dog Bed Shape

When it comes to shape, this depends on your canine’s sleeping habits. Maybe your pup enjoys curling up and snuggling the night away. Or, you might have a dog who likes to stretch and sprawl out for a good sleep. Oval and round are ideal for smaller dogs that like to nap curled in a ball.

Support and security provided from the high sides are perfect for pups who need to lean against something familiar. Many rectangles and square beds, on the other hand, give your canine the freedom to doze however they like. These bed shapes can be for both smaller and larger dogs who like to spread out and lounge.

Bed Material

At Major League Pets, our bed assortment comes in a variety of materials including polyester, cotton, microsuede, faux fleece, and more. While it’s essential to consider the comfort of your four-legged pal, you should also think about special conditions you want their pet bed to support. Older dogs living with incontinence or a puppy being potty trained will benefit from a waterproof dog bed. Some old dogs will need orthopedic dog beds provided by your veterinarian.

Canines who spend a large part of their day outdoors need beds that are easy to clean. Having a door that goes outside often means you’ll need a machine washable material and preventing odors from building up. Whatever the case, take your furry friend’s needs into account along with their preference for a firm or plush snoozing spot.

Bed Style

Similar to selecting a bed size, your pet’s sleeping habits will determine the style. For pups that have a hard time staying warm, heated dog beds and pads help you regulate their temperature. There are even self-warming options that reflect your dog’s body heat. Elevated dog beds, including cots and hammocks, are great for furry pals who prefer sleeping above ground. Memory foam mattresses with a cover offer a safe hideaway for canine’s who like to burrow with dog teepee beds.

Now that you know all the essential factors to take into account, you’re ready to find the best bed for your four-legged friend. Along with cozy sleeping options, you’ll find plush dog blankets and throws to take your pet’s level of comfort to the next level. Browse Major League Pets today and get free shipping on orders of $49 or more!