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My dog looks the best at the park.

I will post a picture soon.

Perfect gift for human and pet!

Collar is great quality and just like it looked in the picture. Well packaged and shipped quickly. A gift for my husband who loves his Cowboys and now he can share this love with the dog he adores! Thanks!!!!

Nice bowl but!

Nice bowl loved it but our puppy broke it after about 2 weeks. Not the bowls fault just breaks easy just heads up

So Glad To Find It!

I am a huge 49’er fan and just days before I ordered my dog and I lost our house and her leash in a fire. We had it for years and I was not sure we would be able to find the same one. Bonus, while a little big the collar is the nicest team collar I have seen offered.

We are so sorry for your loss; we are happy to be part of your rebuilding process even though it's a small part.
Giants Pet Jersey

This is so cute looks so good on my Lexi J.

Great quality

Super durable, fits great.

Exactly what I was looking for

This was what I had in mind to buy and was cheaper than other stores. It shipped out on the same day I ordered it and I recieved it two days later!


A small fit my toy fox terrior mix great! Ordered and received within two business days. My dog is named after one of the Ninja Turtles so this was awesome

Daddy’s a Dodgers fan.

It’s a little too big for him but he’s a blue and white Frenchie with blue eyes so the colors of the jersey are perfect! Very good quality!!

To big.

Got a stated it would fit a Chihuahua. Real nice but Its to big..

Harley loves his name tag

Harley loves his name tag and it looks great on him.
Major League Pets quality and service is excellent.

Thank you, such a cute fur baby.
Great tool! My Corgi is

Great tool! My Corgi is very furry& sheds a LOT! This gets out ton of fur very easily. Highly recommend.....

Fast shipping, great toy

my dog loves it.

The collar is very nice

The collar is very nice and it’s very durable! I love the vintage American flag style. We’re very happy with it!

Great collar

Great collar

Go Reds

This reds tube sqeeky toy is fun for my little buddy.

My dog is so cute.

I love it my furbaby cheerleader lakers girl.

Squeeky Toy.. Enough said

It is fun, worth 10 bucks and my bog loved chewing on it.

My dog loved beating up on this toy. Go Chicago hahaha

Great toy.

Another use - great suitcase tag!

Great product. Looks great on suitcase and makes it easy to find it. I had bought the bone shaped for my dog, and then saw these for me!

Great product

Works great

To small

Measurements are off didn’t fit my dog hate returning things online paying for shipping again so I gave it to a friend I bought another shirt off here didn’t fit my dog either she is a xl in shirts she is a 50 pound staff terrier pitbull the small short kind I wouldn’t shop here for clothes going forward

No instructions

No instructions

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